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Silver Harrar Scroll box,Ethiopia

Silver Harrar Scroll box,Ethiopia

CIMG0142Harrar box,Ethiopia,detailsCIMG0141 Harrar box,backsideThis Harrar scroll box, good coin silver.It is known as a Harrar box.

It could have been used by christians as well as moslims. It measures 9.5 x 8.5 x 3 cm, without the bells and loops….so just the solid box and weighty. The filegree work has the strong  ancient design of the jewish silversmith that shows up in Ethiopia quite strong.  The lid of this box is one of the sides.

The christian people used this box with a protective scroll in it when they had to go for a longer time to a not so friendly area normally if people had a scroll written up by a priest it was mostly hung on the wall near their beds. Travelling in the days of these boxes was done on mules, horses etc. It took  several weeks to reach the place they set out for.

I purchased this box in the 1970-80.CIMG0140Silver Harrar Scroll box,Ethiopia

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