Welcome to this exclusive collection of antique ethnic jewellery

 a fine selection of tribal jewellery and textiles

offered for sale by premier dealers

treasures gathered from the four corners of the earth



Moorish Jewels


An emporium of elegant and eclectic adornments gathered on my travels.

Selected with love and care.

And offered to you to add a unique edge to your styling.

Savanna Caravan

IMG_3840Savanna Caravan – otherwise known as Susan Storm, is a passionate collector of all ethnic things beautiful, rare, unusual and unique. I like to think of myself as a modern day Marco Polo, as travel and collecting have always been part of my life.  I have a large selection of  Turkmen, Moroccan and Yemen pieces.

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11653454_1110207555660655_222475316_n” Just as a fine frame ads to a painting, even a work by revered master, some strange and magical thing, by isolating art from ambient nature, so jewellery, good furniture, metals and gold set off her rare beauty and make it flame; nothing could render her brilliance less bold, and all appeared to serve as her frame” (…) Charles Baudelaire, The Flowers of Evil

Ethnicalia: hand picked ethnic art. Collecting, researching, travelling, writing, enjoying, restoring, supplying museums, galleries, art dealers and fellow collectors since 1982 in Melbourne, Australia.

Please also check my other page: www.facebook.com/ethnicalia for more material culture available for sale.

Girl Adorned



Now tended to by Annie Boehm, the items in Girl Adorned were collected by Jackie Little during her decades of travels. Though items from Jackie’s remaining inventory may be familiar to many of you from our eBay store, Vivid Vault is the premier location to find pieces from Jackie’s personal collection.  girladorned@gmail.com

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logo_soukriaSoukria sells ethnic jewels. We offer a wide range of bracelets, necklaces and rings.
Origin: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Middle East, and Far East (India and Pakistan).
Items sold here are exclusive to vividvault.com, you will also find additional offering on our site http://ethnic-silver.com

Berber Silver

berbersilver logoSarah Corbett lives in rural England with her husband and children,and loves to travel.
She began her quest to discover the world and meet people by running away with the circus!
Now her travels have led her to a spiritual home, Morocco………………….where she spends her time engaged in the study of the adornments of the people of this warm and welcoming country.
Sarah offers tours which give great cultural and historical reference for those with a passion for adornment.
As a founder trustee of Henna Cafe Marrakech, her passion has translated into a project which supports those in need within the country she loves.
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Arabia Felix Jewels

We offer a rare and unique collection of Antique Middle Eastern Jewellery, and Ethnic Art. Here you can find Bedouin and Jewish Yemeni pieces, Arabic Jewellery and Berber North African pieces.
All our beauties have been picked up by myself during my trips on the area. After years of relation with the antique dealers, they keep rare items for me, the ones not available to the passing visitor. Here they are for you! Enjoy the collection and if you have any questions just email me. Thanks a lot!
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Beads & Tribal Jewelry

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VividVaultOLDBEADSI have been in this business for over 25 years, and online for more than 15.  This is what I love doing, searching for the old, the traditional, the symbolic, the beautiful and enchanting pieces from the past.  I am fascinated by the work involved when everything is made individually piece by piece and find myself examining the stringing holes in the stones, the changing colours of the glass beads and the details of the silver work.
Please check my web pages at:  www.oldbeads.com  and write me if you have any questions at all at:  sales@oldbeads.com  I enjoy my email conversations and share in the fascination with the old and ethnographic.

Sheba’s treasures

Sheba's treasures“An unique collection of Ethiopian:antique coptic crosses, pendants,rings,telsums(charmes ) and necklaces. Collected during my many years in Ethiopia . I also was lucky to choose and select  the good pieces then available.
These pieces you can find now back in my designed and made  necklaces. With the old,coin silver beads I also use the antique glass trade beads, copal and the nice semi-prescious stones which makes nice combinations.

Faustina’s Beads


Faustina creates exclusive combinations with wire,very special beads and traditional pendants. The
result is an urban, ironic one-of-a-kind collection.
Every single necklace is designed and handcrafted
with vintage Venetian glass beads,
African trade beads, gemstones and ethnic amulets.
Each piece is absolutely unique.
Orders can be designed to your specification.
For further info, faustina.peacock@gmail.com

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Nooristan Art Gallery

1387952_239051032913841_1415002561_nNooristan Art Gallery introduces you to the best ethnic and tribal art from Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Nooristan Art Gallery carry hard to find ethnic tribal textile, jewelery, ethnic tribal brass and metal art from various part of the word specially Afghanistan and Pakistan. We also manufacture classic and contemporary style handmade furniture.
Nooristan Art Gallery is in this business since 1950.
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Aspidistra – Susi Johnston

Under the flying banner of Aspidistra, art historian Susi Johnston offers curated and authenticated ancient gold, silver, beads and other ornament from the diverse cultures of Southeast Asia.

Indus Silver

A selection of extremely beautiful Jewels from Pakistan, Afghanistan and surrounding areas.

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Noahs Ark

Michael-BesteWhile living in India Michael Beste became fascinated by the arts and traditions of the country and its peoples.

On his return to Germany in the mid-80’s, he set up Noah’s Ark – a gallery which reflects his love and respect for the wealth and diversity of India’s culture through the ages.

He travels regularly to India to explore and purchase for Noah’s Ark.

His customers include museums and galleries as well as individual collectors.

You find his pieces in the V&A Museum, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Textile Museum in Krefeld, Völkerkundemuseum in Berlin, Reiss Museum in Mannheim, Grassi Museum in Leipzig.

On his website www.m-beste.de you’ll find antique ornaments in gold and silver, textiles, statues and tribal art.

Please contact for further information (beste@t-online.de)
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Victoria Z Rivers – old silver

VZR LogoVictoria is Professor Emerita at the University of California Davis in the Design Department.
She has exhibited her artwork, delivered papers and taught around the world, as well as authoring The Shining Cloth: Dress and Adornment that Glitter (Thames and Hudson, London and New York).
She travels extensively to collect old silver for her designs.
A life long passion for ethnographic textiles, world dress and personal adornment inspires her studio work creating one-of-a-kind jewelry with antique amulets, charms, coins and primitive forms of money from Asia and North Africa.
The complete inventory of her jewelry can be seen at: www.victoriazrivers.com

E mail : vzrivers@ucdavis.edu

Pili Pili

DSC_0954Didier Gregoire, founder of Pili-Pili Ethnic Jewelry, started travelling the globe over 30 years ago. Over time he became increasingly fascinated by the significance and the power that tribal people attribute to distinct ornaments. Special areas of interest are The Himalayas, India and South-East Asia.
Besides the tribal jewelry, Pili-Pili also offers a range of new jewelry creations made by young mostly Asian designers.
Since 1999 Pili-Pili Ethnic Jewelry shop is located in the charming medieval center of Ghent,Belgium.didiergregoire03@gmail.com
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BarbaraAnne Hair Combs


BarbaraAnne’s Hair Comb Blog Store

A selection of beautiful adornments with a specialist knowledge of adornments for the hair.

A scholarship card is included with each purchase.

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Nedjma of Morocco

Welcome to Nedjma’s Moroccan Goods, your source for all things Moroccan, Berber, and Tuareg, brought to you from the historic old southern city of Tiznit. We are proud that we can offer the very best of the South of Morocco directly from the source, Berber silver tribal jewelry and Tuareg and Saharan styles, as well as many other interesting objects that find their way here by means of traders from almost everywhere on the earth that jewelry is made.

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Rita Okrent Collection

From the 1970’s through the 1990’s, Rita traveled the world, seeking antique and ancient beads and pendants for use in designing jewelry. The treasures in her collection include ancient glass beads from Syria, beads from the African Trade, Tibetan turquoise and other stone beads, and silver amulets and beads from Egypt and Yemen. Rita’s collection is now managed by her daughter, Jocelyne, in San Diego, California, and at www.ritaokrent.com.

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Old silver


bukhara earringLilianna is an architect.

specialized as the restorer of ancient complex Uzbekistan

For many years she worked in Bukhara, Samarkand and Tashkent.

Participating in the  restoration of unique buildings within these ancient towns. 

She now offers for sale some of the textiles and Jewels she gathered during her time in the region.

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888Amazig888“We have selected and collected with endless passion in Asia, Africa and America.
We have never stopped studying people “not contaminated” by civilization.
People that live in balance with their ecosystem, which do not quarrel with each other, have fun and know how to socialize.
Liuba e Fabrizio have much to learn from them.
We have never stopped traveling and the collection is constantly evolving.”
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Faouzi Creations

Designer jewels with stunning antique elements created in the studio of the celebrated Moroccan designer Faouzi.

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For thousands of years, women have used jewellery as an integral part of their dress.

Kadambari jewels brings you a palette of beautiful jewellery inspired by ancient Indian, Central and Southeast Asian cultures, at affordable prices. 

We use only natural materials in the form of precious and semi-precious gemstone beads and metals to design and craft each piece, each piece is unique, no two pieces are ever the same and cannot be recreated in the identical style.



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Ethnic Adornment

I’ve been more than 25 years buying and collecting old tribal and ethnic jewellery from around the world, travelling, meeting people and learning the meaning of every piece of adornment worn by different people and tribes.
I love the story behind each piece of jewellery and I always think of the person (usually a woman) wearing it, the life she or he was having, their dreams and the significance of the jewellery for them.
Contact me at   learpo@gmail.com