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Antique Turkoman Silver Ersari Tribal Hair Ornament as Pendant

Antique Turkoman Silver Ersari Tribal Hair Ornament as Pendant


Antique Turkoman Silver Ersari Tribal Hair Ornament as Pendant

This is an ornament that the Turkoman woman or Turkmen women wear attached to their braided hair. The ornament hangs from the back of the crown of the head when the dangles are on such long chains as this one. The shorter ornaments for the hair are sometimes attached to the hair just above each ear and are worn as pairs. This type is sometimes pinned to a head covering rather than to the hair.
This tenecir, which is the Turkic language term for this ornament, is made in the typical Ersari tribal style of good silver and is in excellent condition for its age of over a hundred years. For the age of this style of work I refer you to Reinhold and Dieter Schletzer’s work entitled Old Silver Jewellery of the Turkoman.

The carnelian is the favorite gemstone of the Turkoman people. This particular gemstone is table cut or flat cut and was not perfect when it was set. This flaw did not bother the tribal mentality of that period of Central Asian history. In fact, if a silversmith made a flawless piece of jewelry, he might punch a small hole in it or purposely do slight damage to the piece so as not to tempt supernatural powers that might take revenge on him for his pride of work.

However, I do not hesitate to recommend this beauty as a perfect addition to your Turkoman tribal silver collection.

Measurements: 16 in (40.5 cm) long x 2.75 in (7 cm) wide

US $245

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