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Antique Fez Bracelet-Anklet

Antique Fez Bracelet-Anklet

This antique bracelet is from Fez Morocco.  According to page 19 of the book “A World of Bracelets” (very worthwhile adding to your library) this was made as an anklet, though a small one.  “This anklet, a khalkhal, was made for town-dwelling women who liked highly ornamental bracelets.  The beautifully chased interlacing decoration varies according to the city where the jewellery was made.”

The bracelet has a post which pulls out at the front to open.  The hinges are at the back so one can easily put the piece on or take it off.  There are 3 loops on it, two on the floral additions and one at the top of the post.  The bracelet has 4 different stamps inside, one of them saying 1328 in the Islamic calendar which puts the manufacture of the bracelet at 1910 in the Gregorian calendar.  $345.US  You can find the bracelet listed as AF658 on the page:  www.oldbeads.com/africa.html

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Antique Bracelet Fez Morocco